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Introducing the Foundation

Introducing the Cursol Foundation in the Faculty of Pholology, Translation Studies and Communication by the President of the Foundation on Novembert the 13th 2014 .

In the name of the Cursol Fundation we wish to express our gratitude to the University of Valencia for the amiable readiness and to the Faculty of Philology, Translation Studies and Communication for today´s participation in the official presentation in this educational environment.

The Cursol is a small and young Fondation which unites the people of a high education and remarkable critical spirit involved in the different proffesional fields, but sharing common ways of thinking, the similarities in focusing the issues, when the action and availability is required, such as pragmatism and the need to make clear former worries in order to fight the negative aspects of the mankind and society and to make improvements considering each individual.   

This is a great opportunity for us, altough of a huge responsability and commmitment, being aware of the difficulties and complexities of the assumed tasks. Our good intentions must be understood in the limits maintained by necessary modesty and wisdom.

The Foundation philosphy in taking actions targets to support, collaborate, enforce, start or finish the particular solidarity projects constantly related to researching and professional formation. It is not just to fill up empty holes or the neglected topics of the present society, but precisely to pay attention to the most urgent and outrageous cases of poverity and shortage of educational and formative means creating severe circumstances which drive some people directly to every time worse life conditions, to the reduced opportunities not only of self developmental, but even that of self preservation.

It is therefore to reconsider the meaning of solidarity action in a sense that covers every honest approach with no benefits awaited, to incorporate it in each aspect of our everyday activities, though we can be considered naive and deluded.

In regard to the University, for instance, to make oneself solidary would mean to prepare oneself to be capable of providing assistence to the others, and, at the same time, avoid to become the object of the social care. A lot of us engaged in the academic world find ourselves troubled by sometimes severe, though justified critics, toward the high educational institutions, but this criticism fails to recognize that here one is supposed to generously sacrifice the best of her or himself and that is the only thing available at this age: THE TIME and EFFORT. It is precisely in this field where we want to originate new values so strongly wished which should determine the future, desired to be better for following generations.

It is a matter of sharing, not the wealth, but "the extras" thrown away and wasted what is truly infamous, although sometimes economically profitable. For exemple, the wealth to share could be the knowledge and the expirience of our seniors, of our wisemen, intellectuals, our mentors and scientists, all of them forgotten and relegated; on the other hand, the knowledge and human experience of the First World, in regard to the remaining worlds we use to talk about, incomprehensible lack of solidarity, which makes the differences more troublesome.

Another wasted treasure we are talking about is the peculiar human cammunication capacity, ability to listen, to make dialogue possible, and therefore to establish norms and common aims, to be on sameone´s side, and also ability to find ourselves in the other man´s shoes, to be able to accept equality, hence to coexist and consequently to be able to reach the human ideal.

We should keep in mind that the more tehnology of mass media communication advances, the worse are the events presented or communicated by them, whereby we are pauperizing the wealth for which we should, as the human beings, care about finding the ways to make it better, instead of impoverishing it. To refuse to share, to listen, to be in solidarity with others, we should ponder aren´t we loosing something impossible to regain, being ourselves every time more impoverished, less rich, precisely because of our unwillingness to give...all depends on values we have pustulated in our consciousness.

Pedro M. González