Panel: Reflections on the drawing and poetry

jornadas haikus nani boronatThis panel follows the beneficial cultural initiative which the Cursol Foundation carries through the exibition "HAIKU: invisible drawings" by valencian artist Nani Boronat. The goal of this event, which takes a place in the Mucic Hall, is to gather the finacial support for prostate cancer research. 

Due to his vision of the HAIKU poetry we were able to improve our insight into the essence of the abstract art: "the works express a certain reality envisioned by the artist, but they are open to the viewer who is invited to complete them, and at that point poetry and painting are alike.

Boronat gave account of his exhibited drawings stating that they stem from his experiments with common materials and from playing with various techniques liberating himself from consciousness and leaving emotions to flow freely.

By means of this works, Nani, who has three decades of expirience in Europe and United States, moves away from dominant line of his prior work, large geometrical coloured painting, admiting: "I like to be between two streams cause as far as I´m dedicating myself to abstract I feel nostalgia for figurative painting.

jornadas haikus escobarFrom the point of view of the artist Ignacio Escobar, the exhibited works utilize a reduced amount of elements and colours to express profound feelings of the author, his vision of reality in the same way a poet employs the words to describe his emotions.

On the other hand, Jorge Sebastián, the art history professor of the University of Valencia has emphasized that the Boronat´s paintings are composed of expanding stains and volumes producing traces of the artist´s hand and intellect and craving  for our active imagination. In his opinion we are dealing with invisible drawings cause there is a part of them which the viewer is supposed to complete.

jornadas haikus jorge sebastianThe professor took advantage of the panel to accentuate the importance o these kind of cultural events such as this exhibition organized by the Cursol Foundation in order to familiarize art and education with the public needs. 

The exhibition will stay open till November 1st in the Sala Lucrecia Bori in the Music Hall, and the paintings can be acquired for 280 euros each. The collected financial support is destined to research cancer project developed by the Cursol Foundation in collaboration with the Chemical Tehnology Institute of the UPV.


Opening of the Nani Boronat´s "Haiku" exibition

Haikus nani boronatOn the last 24th took place the opening ceremony of the exhibition to which attended more than sixty visitors who had the opportunity to contemplate the new artistic approach displayed by Nani Boronat, who, through his "Haiku" drawings, has moved, leaving his coloured hugh formats canvases aside, to the new minimalist conceptualization.

The president of the Cursol Foundation Pedro M. González Domínquez took advantage of the opening ceremony to encourage the audience to make a closer look to this rare an unusual art based on the japanese poetry searching to touch and stir the viewers awareness.

On the other hand, the vicepresident of the Cursol Foundation has expressed his graditute to both, the artist and the Valencian Music Hall for the unselfish collaboration in organizing this exhibition which traces the philosophy of the Cursol Foundation longing for support, collaboration, stimulation or finalization of particular solidarity projects always related to culture, formation and research.

For three decades Nani Boronat exhibits his works in galleries of Europe and United States and he appeared to be very excited by reception of his exibition stating that with this works, based on the japanese Haiku, begins the new, minimalistic artistic phase thanks to the changes in his personal life.

There is opportunity to purchase Nani´s works for 280 euros each, and all benefits will be designated to cancer research developed by the Cursol Foundation and the Chemical Tehnology Institute of the UPV.


HAIKUS, Nani Boronat´s Invisibles Drawings

Haikus nani boronatFrom October 24th till November 1st in the Sala Lucrecia Bori of the Music Hall of Valencia will take place the solidarity exhibition insipred by "Haikus", by the artist Nani Boronat.


Haikus Cursol

With reason of this exibition. the Cursol Foundation, has organized in the Sala Lucrecia Bori of the Music Hall of Valencia,  the following events:

Opening of the exhibition will take place on october 24th 2015, at 13h 

Panel entitled "Reflextions on drawing and poetry" will take place on October 27th 2015 at 18.30h. The panel speakers are:

Nani Boronat Mas. Painter and sculptor
Ignacio Escobar García-Quirós. Painter and professor of drawing
Jorge Sebastián Lozano. Professor of Art History, University of Valencia
Representative of the Cursol Foundation: moderator

Nani boronatNani Boronat, painter and sculptor resides in Munich. Graduated in Fine Arts from Compultense University of Madrid in 1995. Almost for three decades this artist is exibiting his works in galleries and fine arts centres in Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal and Unated States.

A "Haiku" is a  classic, traditional japanese lyric verse which aspires to express in three unrhymed lines of five, and seven and five morae a terse and genuine feeling. In this exhibition, through his drawings, Nani reaches to express the japaneese poetry with harmony and elegance. His drawings invisibles on the on the surface, but perceptible to the eye, incite the imagination.

The exhibition will stay open for public from October 24th till November 1st, Tuesday through Sunday from 10 to 13.30h and from 17.00 to 21.00h. All the benefits collected by sailing the "Haiku" drawings are disignated to the cancer research project, developed by the UPV in which also participates the Cursol Foundation.