Panel: "Bioethics and Solidarity"

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NICOLÁS G. JOUVE: “the great crisis of our society and the most inhuman is abortion

In the Graduate Hall of the Catholic University of Valencia, the Cursol Foundation in colaboration with the Catholic University of Valencia hold the panel "Bioethics and Solidarity" aiming the professionals and students in the science and humanities in order to grasp bioethical challenges in the research and solidary enterpreneurship.

Nicolás G. Jouve

The panel moderated by José Hernandez Yago, featured the lectures by Nicolás G. Jouve de la Barreda, professor of genetics in the University of Alcalá de Henares (UAH) focused on "The Bioethics and the New Biology: the challenges of the Biotechnology and Biomedicine",  and also by Vicente Bellver Capella, the director of the Department of Philosophy of Law, Morals and Politics of the University of Valencia which focalized on the subject of "Bioethics and Solidarity: concern for human vulnerability". The lectures were followed by the round table, moderated by Justo Aznar (Observatory of the University of Valencia) in which, besides the lecturers, took part Ana Paz Garibo, of the Department of Philosophy of Law of the University of Valencia and Ginés Marco the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Antropology and Social Labor of the University of Valencia.

In his lecture Nicolás G. Jouve was concerned with applied Biotechnology and Biomedicine as well as molecular genetics and celular biology emphasizing: "in this kind of researching fields which integrates the genetic engineering, syntetic biology, atrificial human reproduction and stem cells we made great advances, but, in the same time, we are disregarding the risks the uncontrolled technology may provoke. That is why any kind of scientific project should be submited to bioethic committee for its evaluation. In this sense, the professor Jouve has stressed that "the power of the mankind has increased a great deal. However, we should ask ourselves does our wisdom find itself at the same level."

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On the other hand, Vicente Bellver, relying on the Article eight of the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights dedicated to the Respect for human vulnerability and personal integrity has accentuated: "if we seriously consider this principle of vulnerability, we should alter the dominant, actual definition of this antropological concept. While the present, actual concept of modern human being is that of an autonomous, selfmade man, the idea of vulnerability tells us about an ex-centric man, who depends on others, about human being who suffers and makes mistakes, utterly, about a fragile human being."

The panel also has thematized the issue of abortion. Nicolás G. Jouve has asserted that the data regarding this social problem as wel as the others of the contemporary life, are tremendously misrepresented by science and has quoted the statemant of the Pope emeritus Benedict XVI: "a man who is going to be, is already a man". Ana Paz, y Vicente Bellver also have stood for permanent struggle in order to defense the life in all of its manifestations including the one of the unborn. On the other hand, Ginés Marco has labeled as a joke the last reform of the abortion legislation brought about by the Poeple´s Party, because niether is possible to characterize it as a cosmetic embellish.

Vicente BellverMesa Redonda

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